Allergies of the Eyes

"Pinkeye" is a term often used to describe the inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye.  This is also called conjunctivitis.  The conjunctiva is the clear tissue that lines the inside of the eyelid as well as the white part of the eye.  There are many causes of "pinkeye" or conjunctivitis and allergies are just one cause. When allergies cause the conjunctivitis, it is referred by to as allergic conjunctivitis.  Other causes of conjunctivitis include infections, trauma, a foreign body in … [Read more...]

Car Accidents & Eye Injuries

How Car Accidents and Eye Injuries Are Connected: Your Laguna Hills Eye Doctor Explains Car accidents are one major reason why people make appointments to see their local Laguna Hills eye doctor. Although many do not realize it, car accidents can easily cause injuries in and around the brain, and brain injuries may be directly connected to ocular injuries too. At the Retina Associates of Orange County, many patients have come to our office with eye injuries related to traumatic brain injuries, … [Read more...]