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Retinal detachment qualifies as an emergency situation because the longer that the retina remains detached without intervention, the more likely it becomes that permanent damage will occur. The retina is comprised of light-sensitive tissue that is located near the back of the eye. This tissue serves to help filter and convert the light rays that enter the eye so that the brain can process them into images. When this tissue becomes detached from necessary blood and oxygen, serious vision loss or blindness will likely occur unless medical assistance is accessed immediately.


If you are experiencing reduced or blurred vision, significant reductions in peripheral vision, floating specks drifting in and around your field of vision and/or flashes in front of your eyes, please contact a Newport Beach retina specialist immediately. These may serve as warning signs of retinal detachment.


How Is a Detached Retina Treated?


Treatment for a severely injured retina usually requires surgery. The type of procedure that may be necessary in any given case tends to depend upon whether the retina has sustained a significant tear or has completely detached.


Torn retinas are treated differently than detached retinas, simply because this condition does not always deprive the back of the eye of blood and oxygen. When a significant tear occurs, it may be necessary to help seal the retina to the back of the eye in order to prevent a complete detachment. This sealing process may be achieved in a number of ways by a retina specialist in Newport Beach, but is generally approached through either laser surgery or a freezing therapy known as cryotherapy. Both methods help to create a medically sound scar that helps to ensure that the retina remains attached to the back wall of the eye.


Complete detachment requires surgery to help maintain the functionality of the retina. Depending upon the ways in which the detachment has manifested, your retinal specialist may use one specific surgical method over another. Like torn retina patients, you may also need to undergo cryotherapy or laser therapy in order to scar the tissue and attach the retina following the initial surgical intervention. However, detached retina surgery tends to take place in an operating room, unlike torn retina procedures which may be conducted in the office of a Newport Beach retina specialist.


Certain manifestations of complete detachment may require your specialist to place a so-called scleral buckle around your eye in order to drain the fluid pooling under your detached retina. A scleral buckle is a flexible band. For obvious reasons, this procedure is not performed in an office but in an operating room.


A Newport Beach Retinal Specialist Can Help


If you or a loved one may have a detached retina, please do not wait to seek medical assistance. An experienced Newport Beach retina specialist will be able to evaluate the current state of the affected eye and determine whether medical intervention is necessary. Experiencing a torn or detached retina can be an unnerving experience. But an experienced Newport Beach retina specialist at Retina Associates of Orange County will be able to help you navigate this situation as successfully as is possible.